Empowerment of Dalit women through Economic Self Reliance

Mrs. Rajani Suram

Why, What and How

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Empowement of the Dalit women through Economic self Reliance was initiated by our organization in one of the coastal villages of Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. It involves revising the Self Help Groups (SHGs) of the village and training them in income generating trades such as collective farming, tailoring and embroidery, basket making, detergent cake making, pickle and cookies making. We have selected ten self help groups with 15 women in each group i.e 150, Dalit women of the village Voleru, of Battiprolu Mandal of Guntur district and given them training in all the above six income generating activities the women will be trained by special instructors and trainers.
Empowerment of Dalit women through Economic self reliance – is the main objective of the project. Also, we seek to bring about unity among the Dalit and oppressed women and to poster collective efforts by them to get liberated from poverty exploitation, oppression, illiteracy and backwardness.
EXPECTED PROJECT RESULTS: 150 Dalit women of Voleru village and their families will become farmers and skilled entrepreneurs by undergoing training and taking up income generating activities. They will be empowered to liberate themselves and their families from poverty and backwardness.


The Dalit women of voleru village, after getting duly motivated and trained in the six income generating activities will be able to gain self confidence and start taking up the income generating activities collectively and ultimately get liberated from the burden of poverty and backwardness. For instance – though the Dalit Women have been living for generations as agricultural laborers, they never experience the freedom of independent farming because they do not own agricultural lands. But, after getting motivated and trained by KISES, they take a place of land for lease and collectively cultivate it, market the produce collectively and share the profits equally among themselves. And then they come out of the oppressive poverty and backwardness. Likewise, the other groups who got trained in tailoring and embroidery Basket Making, Detergent Cake Making, Making of Pickles or in the Making of Native Cookies – the Dalit women start either individually or collectively one of the income generating activities and will be able earn regular income to support their families. Their agricultural produce and various products prepared by them will be sold either in their village or in the nearby villages or in weekly market or through exhibitions conducted by the Federation of Self Help Groups etc. The marketing support and guidance will be offered by the field staff of our organization (KISES). Consequently, each Dalit Woman who got trouned and able to take up income generating activities will be able to earn Rupees 5000/- per month i.e Rupees 60000/- per year. And the amount has earned by the women will be of great help, their respective families. The women of the village, as earning members of the families, will be respected by their husbands and the in-laws and they will be able to provide nutritious food to their children and will be able to send their children to school and educated them. Above all due to these income generating activities the women will experience Economic independence and Economic Empowerment, which leads to liberation of Women.


The economically empowered dalit women, will continue these income generating activities either individually or collectively and market their produce through the marketing network already available sustain the project. With regard to collective farming or other income generating activities, they put aside a portion of their income as capital either to pay for the lease of the land, for seeds and fertilizers or for other required material. In case if they require further financial support to sustain their activities, they are eligible as members of Self Help Group to avail loan from the Nationalised Banks. Moreover the dalit women, on experiencing the economic empowerment, get motivated to sustain the project and continue these income generating activities all by themselves.